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Switchboard Matting / PIECE

Code: 4065010342

Surface / Color 

Warranty period: 12 months

Production term: 3-5 days

The dielectric carpets and strip of carpets, insulating line voltage in a system are placed on all workplaces in Electrical discharge machining, in front of all electrical panels and switches, where there is a risk of electric shock. Used for protection of "grounding" in work of people in areas with high voltage.

The premises and the surface on which are they are laid must be dry and uncontaminated.



Dielectric carpet to protect people in areas with high voltage.




  •     Purpose: areas with high voltage
  •     Material: high-quality rubber
  •     Thickness: 3, 3.5, 4.5, 6  mm
  •     Resistance to: ozone, flame, oils.
  •     On cutting does not lose its qualities.
  •     Recommended replacement period: 12 months or directly after damage.   
  •     Retain their dielectric properties when operating under voltage up to 37 kV
  •     Test voltage (depending on class) - up to 50 kV
  •     Maximum operating voltage - 37 kV
  •     Hardness Shore – 65 Shа



 See ASTM TEST CERTIFICATE of the University of Dortmund for dielectric carpet "



Dielectric carpets and strip of carpets should be stored in appropriate for the purpose facilities, providing protection from direct sunlight. The storage temperature should cover the range from 0 ° to + 30 ° C.
During storage dielectric carpets and strip of carpets must be laid so that to avoid the factors that may lead to deformation and damage. It is mandatory to provide more than one meter away from heaters.




According to Regulation № 22 for testing electrical protection equipment in operation, during the operation of the dielectric carpets and strip ofcarpets are not performed periodic testing of the electrical strength, but only viewings. The viewings aimed to establish their status in the operating process and are carried out at least once on every 6 months on cleaned from any dirt surfaces.


The examination of dielectric carpet consists in its winding on a roll from each angle on the diagonal of the carpet and checking the external wound surface. The procedure is performed consequently on the both surfaces of the carpet.


In case that during the inspection are identified punctures, cuts, deep scratches and other significant damages that can not be adjusted, and also swollen, softened or hardened surfaces, they are replaced with new ones.

Weight: 1,800 kg

Production term: 3-5 days

Warranty period: 12 months

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