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External doormats

Aluminium doormat UNIVERSAL

Doormat consist of Al profiles with rubbre, textile or brush inserts.

Aluminium doormat OPENED

Al rims with rubber bands mounted between them.
Allows to be used of both sides.

Aluminium doormat TEN



Doormat consist of Al profiles with rubber or textile inserts.

Brush type BRUSH with polypropylene profiles

Doormat consist of polypropylene black profiles - brushes.

Rubber mat HONEYCOMB



Doormat with opened bottom.
Possibility to be placed color inserts.

Steel doormat type STRIP

Galvanized welded rims.
Standart openings: 11 х 11, 22 х 22, 33 х 33,
44 х 44, 55 х 55, 66 х 66.